Living with Water


  • Sara Ahmed Living Waters Museum




In East Libya in September 2023, two dams burst and flooded low-lying areas in Derna, killing thousands of people. The tragedy has given a painful twist to the idea of living with water and to the preface I was planning to write for this volume. Yes, water is the elixir of life, but water can also bring death and destruction, and the rapid pace of urbanization coupled with the growing uncertainty of climate change means that we must be sensitive to how we live with water. All our actions, whether remodelling riverfronts in the name of modernization, covering ancient water tanks or reclaiming coastal land for malls, flyovers, bridges and housing societies, will have consequences, especially for the poor and marginalized, whose lives are shaped by the intersection of land and water.

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Ahmed, S. (2023). Living with Water. Blue Papers, 2(2), 4–5.



Author Biography

Sara Ahmed, Living Waters Museum

Sara Ahmed is an adjunct professor at the Indian Institute for Science Education and Research, Pune, India and the founder-director of the Living Waters Museum. With a PhD in environmental sociology from the University of Cambridge, Sara has more than 30 years of experience as an academic, activist and policy advocate on the political economy of water in India with a specific focus on issues of gender, equity and governance. Sara serves on the boards of WaterAid India and Wetlands International South Asia and as one of the vice presidents for the Global Network of Water Museums, endorsed by UNESCO-IHP in 2018 as a special initiative towards SDG 6.