Traditional Dutch watermill
The UN SDGs as Compass for Sustainable Water and Heritage Management


  • Sandra Pellegrom National SDG-Coordinator




Working toward sustainable development requires careful balancing of the past, present and future. Water is a crucial element of the SDGs, because each intervention in the water system will have either a positive or negative impact on other parts of the system and on other goals. Water connects: literally and figuratively. Working toward sustainable water (and) heritage management is urgent and can greatly contribute to other important goals. In designing a solution for the future, it is necessary to consider not only technical, but also behavioral and cultural perspectives in a comprehensive approach. This article explains the urgency and importance of working through the lens of the SDGs as an encompassing framework.

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Pellegrom, S. (2023). The UN SDGs as Compass for Sustainable Water and Heritage Management. Blue Papers, 2(1), 14–21.





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Author Biography

Sandra Pellegrom, National SDG-Coordinator

Sandra Pellegrom is the National SDG Coordinator in the Netherlands. She has worked for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1996 at several divisions and embassies, focusing on human rights, development and the aid and trade agenda. Her most recent position was at the Dutch Mission to the United Nations in New York, where she headed the Department for Development, Humanitarian Action and Human Rights. She worked on behalf of the Netherlands to strengthen the implementation and monitoring of the SDGs at the global level, including several processes related to SDG 6. In October 2019 she became the National SDG Coordinator. Her mission is to promote SDG implementation in the Netherlands through cooperation between government organizations and stakeholders from all sectors.


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