The Shore as a Politicized Space for Community Heritage: The Case of Pra’, Genoa


  • Francesca Savoldi Delft University of Technology




coastal communities, everyday-life, shore, port infrastructure, maritime culture


Changes in coastal and maritime environments, increasingly caused by the climate crisis and large infrastructural projects such as global port construction, significantly impact community identity. When a community’s terraqueous space – a space that transcends the land-sea binary distinction – suffers a shock, long-term sociability within the community and relationships with nature are altered. This article connects the challenges of coastal community spaces and the community’s cultural heritage by articulating a critical ontology of the shore. The connection is illustrated using the example of Pra’ in Genoa, where constructing a large port terminal has detached the local maritime community from the sea.

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Savoldi, F. (2024). The Shore as a Politicized Space for Community Heritage: The Case of Pra’, Genoa. Blue Papers, 3(1).





methodologies and case studies

Author Biography

Francesca Savoldi, Delft University of Technology

Francesca Savoldi is a human geographer (PhD) examining the ongoing transformation of port cities and coastal territories. Her work focuses on the social, spatial and political implications of the global expansion of maritime logistics and the territorialization of the sea. In 2023, she concluded her Marie Skłodowska-Curie-funded postdoctoral research at TU Delft. She is a lecturer at the Glasgow Caledonian University, a visiting researcher at Erasmus University, and a postdoctoral fellow at Ca’ Foscari University.


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